What is Tenant SSL?

Tenant SSL is an automated SSL certificate management software to allow multi-tenant SAAS to easily add and renew custom domain certificates for clients. Your customers can use any DNS provider. All they need to do is point their domain to your Tenant SSL domain with a CNAME record.

Tenant SSL also provides API endpoints for you to programmatically add, remove, and renew SSL for your customers domains so that they can be used with your SAAS application.

How does it work?

Tenant SSL helps manage a cluster of servers to perform SSL termination for your domains. These servers will be behind a load balancer. When you add or remove domains, SSL certificates settings are automatically updated and synchronized across these reverse proxy servers. 

Your application can be hosted anywhere. However, the reverse proxy servers must be hosted in your Digital Ocean Account.

How much will it cost?

Tenant SSL is designed for software businesses who don’t want to build extra infrastructure to manage SSL certificates at scale. As a result, we’ve developed a flexible pricing which starts at $25 USD per month.

Additional server fees applies for servers that are created under your Digital Ocean account.

When will Tenant SSL be launched?

Tenant SSL is ready today and is being used in production by selected customers.

Tenant SSL will be publicly available in June 2018.