Our Features

Tenant SSL is designed to let you add custom SSL certificate management to your web application quickly. Take a look at the features Tenant SSL offers right out of the box.

Custom Domain Management

You can add domains in our user friendly dashboard or via our RESTful API. 

Tenant SSL will automatically validate the domain for SSL certificate provisioning with Let’s Encrypt.

Automatic SSL Certificate Issuing & Renewals

Once a domain is added, Tenant SSL will automatically request the SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. We’ll also handle the renewal.

If there’s a problem with the renewal, you will receive an email to allow you to intervene.

Server Management

To enable custom domains to have their own SSL certificate, you’ll need a cluster of servers that will handle the SSL termination, and proxy back to your web application. 

You can add or remove servers, and Tenant SSL will automatically handle all the configuration and syncing of the SSL certificates.

Customizable Proxy Settings

You can modify your configuration in the reverse proxy servers. We’ve equipped Tenant SSL with sensible defaults, but you can customize headers, remove headers, or change them altogether.

Note: Customization of proxy settings is an advance feature and can lead to a malfunctioning reverse proxy setup.


Multiple Accounts

Use your Tenant SSL account to manage multiple SSL reverse proxy setups. You can customize your infrastructure to allow for geographically favourable proxying if needed.

Our pricing makes it easy for you to scale up as necessary, or to use multiple accounts for separate web applications.

Your Own Servers

Tenant SSL provisions and deploys its services on your Digital Ocean account, allowing you full control of your own servers.

You can cancel at any time you’d like, without commitment to any long term contracts (on our Standard Plan).