Digital Ocean

Tenant SSL is built with Digital Ocean in mind. When you create a new account, Tenant SSL will automatically provision:

  • 1 Load Balancer
  • 2 Droplets (1 GB with 1 CPU)

This “starter” infrastructure will form the basis of your SSL reverse proxy set up. You can decide to add or remove servers later, but we recommend that you have at least two (2) servers running behind the load balancer at all times to ensure high availability.

Does Tenant SSL support services other than Digital Ocean?

We do not support any other services at this point in time. Digital Ocean offers a flexible set of API which allows Tenant SSL to handle a number of backend infrastructure changes. 

We may add other service providers such as Linode or Vultr in the future. When new service providers are supported, Tenant SSL’s backend makes it easy to transfer the set up from one account to another. Please email us at for more information or to let us know of any specific service provider requests.