About Tenant SSL

What's Tenant SSL?

Tenant SSL is an API based service to help SAAS providers provision and manage SSL certificates for their SAAS tenants. Tenant SSL also helps manages the proxying of the domain to the SAAS itself.

Why Tenant SSL?

Many SAAS products today offer customers the use of custom domains. It's a real pain to have to create an entire infrastructure to handle many SSL certificates for a variable number of domains and to terminate SSL connections. This seemed like it should be a "solved problem" and time could be better spent focusing on developing core product features instead.

Tenant SSL aims to solve this problem quickly, easily, and with an API to boot.

Who created Tenant SSL?

My name is Simon Chiu (@geetfun). I'm an Indiehacker and a serial entrepreneur. I run several software products and love creating things. Contact me via Twitter at @geetfun.

Special thanks to @JackyKYFung for his help in research and development for an earlier version of Tenant SSL.

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